Ag+ Antibacterial Dog Toilet


Keep your home clean and give your dog access to a toilet! Ideal as a training tool for you puppy, it’s also great in assisting an older dog that might be unable to go to the bathroom outside. This Ag+ Antibacterial Dog Toilet helps fighting bacteria and bad smells in order to keep your home smells fresh and clean.

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Keep your home clean and give your dog access to a toilet! Ideal as a training tool for you puppy, it’s also great in assisting an older dog that might be unable to go to the bathroom outside. This Ag+ Antibacterial Dog Toilet helps fighting bacteria and bad smells in order to keep your home smells fresh and clean.

This product designed with a filter board, made from top quality composite resin which makes the filter board soft, sturdy and flexible. It provides great absorption that lets liquid pass through and is caught below to make cleaning and draining easier. It prevents the urine to reflect off the filter board when dog urinates. Your dog will feel comfortable even standing for long hours. The filter board contains tiny inducer particles to guide the dog to sit on the correct spot.


   Product Features

  • Provide Free pole which can be situated on the filter board
  • Innovative, comfortable to use and strong durability
  • Removable Filter Board
  • Prevents Spills and Mess
  • Ag+ Antibacterial helps fight bacterial and smells
  • Completed with Complex NED Z2801 Test
  • Coated with a special paint
  • Easy to clean, users can clean it quickly by spraying water

Product Details

Items For: Dogs
Material: Top quality composite resin
Colours: Blue, Pink, Ivory and Yellow
Size: L:  61cm ×41cm, XL:  72cm × 48cm
Net Weight: 300g
Package Contents: 1 x Ag+ Antibacterial Dog Toilet




Designed in Detail & Care

Every details become very important! This product designed with a filter board, free stand pole, smoothing edges and a holding grip plus an anti-sliding feature. It coated with a special paint which gives a smoothing and shiny look on the surface. The paint also provides a non-stick feature – avoiding grease, oil, dirty to stay on the surface. As a result, you can easily clean and rinse off any impurities.

Step By Step

Toilet Train Your Dog


First Training

It is important for new dogs to learn where to go to toilet for the first time. Dogs tend to go toilet after wake up, playing and after eating.

When the dog is sniffing around or spinning are signs of needing to go toilet therefore users should quickly bring the dog to the toilet.



Changing their habits

If your dog has been trained to go toilet at a specific time then just situate the new dog toilet at their usual “toilet” place. It may be a good idea to place an old newspaper on top of the dog toilet because the scent of inks can strongly enhance dog’s memory on where to poop/pee.

Users can also place an old newspaper with the dogs urine under the filter board to remind the dog that this is the place where it should go to toilet

Enclose the space

If you do not have time to take your dog to toilet then you can build a fence with limited space and place the dog toilet inside the space. We advise users to place old newspaper in the dog toilet initially to help the dog remember where to poop. Gradually remove the newspaper as time goes by.


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