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FAGA Pet Towels can take good care of your pet save you a lot of time from cleaning your pet. With the combination of better absorbency, wet strength and softness.

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FAFA Pet Towels can handle just about any job quickly, effectively and easily. FAFA Pet Towels are the best absorber and strongest when wet. The material is designed to absorb the liquid quickly from your pet’s skin while the material is designed to resist from germs.


Strongest when wet

Unlike ordinary paper towels, FAFA Pet Towels don’t break up when wet. The unique PVA made material give FAFA Pet Towels the cleaning power of a cloth, so you can rinse, wring and clean without the paper falling apart. This truly makes the towel an ultimate cleaning paper towel – stronger, softer and more versatile. Use on pet cleaning such as to clean away germs, dirt and liquid substances while keeping your pet’s keep soft and healthy.

More absorbent than ever

As well as making FAFA Pet Towels more absorbent, the PVA proofed material hold in dirt, germs and harmful impurities. It’s easy to pick up messes and easy to wash away the impurities without anything leaking onto the floor or on your hands. FAFA Pet Towels absorb germy residue and solid messes without turning soggy or disintegrating, so you can use them for a wider range of cleaning purposes.



Better for the environment

FAFA Pet Towels are made from organic materials which means there are no chemical contamination. We aimed to provide the most safety and healthy products for your beloved pets. In addition, FAFA Pet Towels are made from sustainable and long-lasting materials; which won’t fall apart when wet or stretch. So when you use FAFA Pet Towels, you can be confident that you’re doing good things for the environment.


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Dimensions 66 x 43 x 0.2 cm

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